A room 5m × 8 m is to be carpeted leaving a margin of 10 cm from each wall. If the cost of the carpet is Rs. 18 per sq. meter, the cost of carpeting the room will be :

The length of a rectangular plot is thrice its breadth. If the area of the rectangular plot is 7803 sq. mtr, what is the breadth of the rectangular plot ?

A coaching institute wants to execute tiling work for one of its teaching halls 60 m long and 40 m wide with a square tile of 0.4 m side. If each tile costs Rs. 5, the total cost of tiles would be :

The ratio of the area of a square to that of the square drawn on diagonal is :

The area of the four walls of a room is 120 m2 and the length is twice the breadth. If the height of the room is 4 m, then the area of the floor is :

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