The average of the first 100 positive integers is -

The average age of 11 players of a cricket team decreases by 2 months when two new players are included in the team replacing two players of age 17 years and 20 years. The average age of new players is :

The mean of 50 numbers is 30. Later it was discovered that two entries were wrongly entered as 82 and 13 instead of 28 and 31. Find the correct mean.

Average of n numbers is a. The first number is increased by 2, second one is increased by 4, the third one is increased by 8 and so on. The average of the new numbers is -

The average age of 30 boys in a class in 15 years. One boy, aged 20 years, left the class, but two new boys came in his place whose age differs by 5 years. If the average age of all the boys now in the class becomes 15 years, the age of the younger newcomer is :

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