The average age of 9 students and their teacher is 16 years. The average age of the first four students is 19 years and that of the last five is 10 years. The teacher's age is -

Total weekly emoluments of the workers of a factory is Rs. 1534. Average weekly emolument of a worker is Rs. 118. The number of workers in the factory is :

B was born when A was 4 years 7 months old and C was born when B was 3 years 4 months old. When C was 5 years 2 months old, then their average age was :

The batting average for 40 innings of a cricket player is 50 runs. His highest score exceeds his lowest score by 172 runs. If these two innings are excluded, the average of the remaining 38 innings is 48 runs. The highest score of the player is -

The average of some natural numbers is 15. If 30 is added to the first number and 5 is subtracted from the last number the average becomes 17.5 then the number of natural numbers is -

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