The sum for 2 years given a compound interest of Rs. 3225 at 15% rate. Then the sum is = ?

The compound interest on Rs. 4000 for 4 years at 10% per annum will be = ?

A loan is to be returned in two equal yearly instalments. If the rate of interest is 10% p.a. compounded annually and each instalment is Rs. 5,808, then 60% of the total interest (nearest to a Rs.) charge in this scheme is:

The population of a city in 2014 was 8000000. If in 2015, there is an increment of 8%, in 2016, there is a decrement of 35% and in 2017, there is an increment of 65%, then what is the population of the city at the end of the year 2017?

The compound interest on Rs. 4,000 after 3 year is Rs. 630.50. Then the rate of interest compounded yearly is:

Vipul and Manish invested the sum on Rs. 15000 and Rs. 20000 at the rate of 20 percent p.a and 30 percent p.a. respectively on compound interest (compounding annually). If time period is 3 years for both, then what will be the total compound interest earned by Vipul and Manish?

The simple interest on a sum of money at 10% per annum for 2 years is Rs. 8,100. What would be the compound interest (in Rs.) on the same sum for the same period at 15% p.a, when the interest is compound yearly?

A sum amounts to Rs. 18,600 after 3 years and to Rs. 27,900 after 6 years, at a certain rate percent p.a, when the interest is compounded annually. The sum is:

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