The actual area of a rectangle is 60 Cm2, but while measuring its length a student decreases it by 20% and the breadth increases by 25%. The percentage error in area, calculated by the student is :

The cost of packaging of the mangoes is 40% the cost of fresh mangoes themselves. The cost of mangoes increased by 30% but the cost of packaging decreased by 50%, then the percentage change of the cost of packed mangoes, if the cost of packed mangoes is equal to the sum of the cost of fresh mangoes and cost of packaging :

220% of a number X is 44. What is 44% of X.

The shopkeeper increased the price of a product by 25% so that customer finds difficult to purchase the required amount. But Somehow the customer managed to purchase only 70% of the required amount. What is the net difference in the expenditure on that product ?

A customer asks for the production of x number of goods. The company produces y number of goods daily. Out of which z% are units for sale. The order will be completed in :

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