In the Science City, Kolkata the rate of the ticket is increased by 50% to increased the revenue but simultaneously 20% of the visitor decreased. What is percentage change in the revenue. if it is known that the Science city collects one revenue only from the visitors and it has no other financial supports:

600 students took the test on Physics and chemistry. 35% students failed in Physics and 45% students failed in chemistry and 40% of those who passed in chemistry also passed in Physics, then how many students failed in both :

An alloy contains the copper and aluminum in the ratio of 7 : 4 While making the weapons from this alloy, 12% of the alloy got destroyed. If there is 12 kg of aluminum in the weapon, then weight of the alloy required is :

80% of a smaller number is 4 less than 40% of a larger number. The larger number is 85 greater than the smaller one. The sum of these two number is

A number x is mistakenly divided by 10 instead of being multiplied by 10. what is the percentage error in the result?

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