The square of a positive number is 2000% greater than the number itself, then the square of that number is :

The cost of a car is 400% greater than the cost of a bike. If there is an increase in the cost of the car is 15% and that of bike 20%. Then the total increase in the cost of the 5 cars and 10 bikes is:

Connie has a number of gold bars, all of different weights. She gives the 24 lightest bars, which weigh 45% of the total weight, to Brennan. She gives the 13 heaviest bars, which weigh 26% of the total weight, to Maya. She gives the rest of the bars to Blair. How many bars did Blair receive?

At the beginning of a year ,the owner of a jewel shop raised the price of all the jewels in his shop by x% and lowered them by x%. The price of one jewel after this up and down cycle reduced by Rs. 100. The owner carried out the same procedure after a month. After this second up-down cycle,the price of that jewel was Rs. 2304. Find the original price of that jewel(in Rs.)

From 2000 onwards, till 2003 the price of computers increased every year by 10%. After that due to government subsidy the price of computers decreases every year by 10%. The price of a computer in 2006 will be approx. how much per cent less than the price in 2000 if the same pattern of price is continued :

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