30% of a number when subtracted from 91, gives the number itself. Find the number.

The population of village is 1,00,000. The rate of increase is 10% per annum. Find the population at the start of the third year?

Vicky's salary is 75% more than Ashu's. Vicky got a raise of 40% on his salary while Ashu got a raise of 25% on his salary. By what percent is Vicky's salary more than Ashu's?

An ore contains 25% of an alloy that has 90% iron. Other than this, in the remaining 75% of the ore, there is no iron. How many kilograms of the ore are needed to obtain 60 kg of pure iron?

In the recent, climate conference in New York, out of 700 men, 500 women, 800 children present inside the building premises, 20% of the men, 40% of the women and 10% of the children were Indians. Find the percentage of people who were not Indian?

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