The population of a village increase by 5% annually. If its present population is 4410, then its population 2 years ago was:

A spider climbed $$\frac{{125}}{2}$$ % of the height of the pole in one hour and in the next hour it covered $$\frac{{25}}{2}$$ % of remaining height. If pole's height is 192 m, then distance climbed in second hour is:

What is a percent of b divided by b percent of a?

In an election 4% of votes cast are invalid. A candidate gets 55% of casted votes and wins the election by 4200 votes. Find the total number of votes casted.

In a mixture there is 15% of salt. When 30 liter of water is evaporated, salt becomes 20% of mixture. Find the initial quantity of mixture.

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