The schedule working hour of a labour in a week if 48 hours and he gets Rs. 480 for that. Over time rate is 25% more than the the basic salary rate. In a week a labour gets Rs. 605, how many hours altogether he works in that week.

In an election 4% of the votes caste become invalid. Winner gets 55% of casted votes and wins the election by a margin of 4800 votes. Find the total number of votes casted.

A reduction of 10% in the price of cloth enables a man to buy 6 meters of cloth more for Rs. 2160. Find the reduced price and also the original price of cloth per meter.

A gardener increased the rectangular garden by increasing its length by 40% and decreasing its width by 20%. The area of the new garden:

If A exceeds B by 40%, B is less than C by 20%, then A : C is

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