A litre of water evaporates from 6L of sea water containing 4% salt. Find the percentage of salt in the remaining solution.

Two discount of 8% and 12% are equal to a single discount of:

In a library 60% of the books are in Hindi, 60% of the remaining books are in English rest of the books are in Urdu. If there are 3600 books in English, then total no. of books in Urdu are:

In Sabarmati Express, there as many wagons as there are the no. of seats in each wagon and not more than one passenger can have the same berth (seat). If the middlemost compartment carrying 25 passengers is filled with 71.428% of its capacity, then find the maximum no. of passengers in the train that can be accommodated if it has minimum 20% seats always vacant.

The population of a village is 5000 and it increases at the rate of 2% every year. After 2 years, the population will be:

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