In a class, the no. of boys is more than the no. of girls by 12% of the total strength. The ratio of boys and girls is:

In an office there were initially N employees. The HR manager first hired P% employees then after a month Q% employees left the office, the value of (P - Q) is:

The amount of work in a leather factory is increased by 50%. By what percent is it necessary to increase the number of workers to complete the new amount of work in previously planned time, if the productivity of the new labour is 25% more.

A big cube is formed by rearranging the 160 coloured and 56 non-coloured similar cubes in such a way that the expouser of the coloured cubes to the outside is minimum. The percentage of exposed area that is coloured is:

78% of 750 + 34% of x = 30% of 2630. Find x.

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