x * 12 = 75% of 336 Find x.

A shop sells floor tiles at Rs. 48 per square meter. A contractor employs a machine that polishes the tiles that damages 10% of the total number of tiles which cannot be used any more. Calculate the amount that needs to be paid by contractor to tile shop owner, if the hall is of a square shape and has a perimeter of 400 meters?

125% of 860 + 75% of 480 = ?

A person subscribing to sky cable for a year pack Rs. 1785. If the monthly subscription is Rs. 175, how much discount does a yearly subscriber get?

In a metro train there are 600 passengers out of which 34% are females. Fare of each male is Rs. 20 and each female's fare is 25% less than each male. What is the total revenue generated by all the passengers together?

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