The average marks obtained in a class of 50 students is 70%. The average of first 25 is 60% and that of 24 is 80%. What is the mark obtained by the last student ?

If 50% of (P - Q) = 30% of (P + Q) and Q = x% of P, then the value of x is :

If x% of a is the same as y% of b, then z% of b will be :

A candidate who gets 20% marks in a examination fails by 30 marks but another candidate who gets 32% gets 42 marks more than the pass marks. Then the percentage of pass marks is :

A man gives 50% of his money to his son and 30% to his daughter. 80% of the rest is donate to a trust. If he is left with 16000 now, how much money did he have in the beginning ?

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