The ratio of the number of boys and girls in school at 8 : 12. If 50% of boys and 25% of girls are getting scholarship for their studies, what is the percentage of school students who are not getting any scholarships ?

In an examination there were 640 boys and 360 girls, 60% of boys and 80% of were successful. The percentage of failure was :

In an election between two candidates, 75% of the voters cast their votes, out of which 2% votes were declared invalid. A candidate got 9261 votes which were 75% of the valid votes. The total number of voters enrolled in that election was :

1 litre of water is added to 5 litres of alcohol-water solution containing 40% alcohol strength. The strength of alcohol in the new solution will be :

Each side of a rectangular field is diminished by 40%. By how much percent is the area of the field diminished ?

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