The sum of two numbers is 520. If the bigger number is decreased by 4% and the smaller number is increased by 12% then the numbers obtained are equal. The smaller number is :

Tulsiram's salary is 20% more then that of Kashyap. If Tulsiram saves Rs. 720 which is 4% of his salary, then Kashyap's salary is :

The ratio of the number of boys to that of girls in a village is 3 : 2. If 30% of boys and 70% of girls appeared in an examination, the ratio of the number of students, appeared in the examination to that not appeared in the same examination is :

The value of a machine is Rs. 6250. It decreases by 10% during the first year, 20% during the second year and 30% during the third year, What will be the value of the machine after 3 years ?

A person gave 20% of his income to his elder son, 30% of remaining to the younger son and 10% of the balance, he donate to a trust. He is left with Rs. 10080. His income was :

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