Two numbers A and B such that the sum of 5% of A and 4% of B is $$\frac{2}{3}$$rd of the sum of 6% of A and 8% of B. The ratio A : B is -

If a number is increased by 25% and the resulting number is decreased by 25%, then the percentage increase or decrease finally is :

In an examination, 60% of the candidates passed in English and 70% of the candidates passed in Mathematics, but 20% failed in both subjects. If 2500 candidates passed in both the subjects, the number of candidates who appeared at the examination was :

The value of a property depreciates every year by 10% of its value at the beginning of the year. The present value of the property is Rs. 8100. What was its value 2 years ago ?

If a man receives on one-fourth of his capital 3% interest, on two third 5% and one the remaining 11%, the percentage interest he receives on the whole is :

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