The average of marks obtained by 100 candidates in a certain examination is 30. If the average marks of passed candidates is 35 and that of the failed candidates is 10, what is the number of candidates who passed the examinations ?

If 90% of A = 30% of B and B = 2x% of A, then the value of x is :

18% of which number is equal to 12% of 75 ?

Out of his total income, Mr. Kapur spends 20% on house rent and 70% of the rest on house hold expenses. If he saves Rs. 1800 what is his total income (in Rs.) ?

Two numbers are in the ratio 2 : 3. If 20% of the smaller number added to 20, is equal to the sum of 10% of the larger number and 25, the the smaller number is :

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