A wrist watch of cost price Rs. 1250 was sold by Sharel for Rs. 1500. What was the profit percent ?

Ms. Pooja invests 13% of her monthly salary, i.e., Rs. 8554 in Mediclaim Policies. Later she invests 23% of her monthly salary on Child Education Policies; also she invests another 8% of her monthly salary on Mutual Funds. What is the total annual amount invested by Ms. Pooja ?

The difference of two numbers is 20% of the larger number. If the smaller number is 20, then the larger number is :

Two candidates fought an election. One of them got 62% of the total votes and won by 432 votes. What is the total number of votes polled ?

If x, y, z are three positive integers such that x is greater then y and y is greater than z, then which of the following is definitely true ?

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