The price of a car is Rs. 325000. It was insured to 85% of its price. The car was damaged completely in an accident and the insurance company paid 90% of the insurance. What was the difference between the price of the car and the amount received ?

In an election, a total of 500000 voters participated. A candidate got 255000 votes which was 60% of total valid votes. What was the percentage of invalid votes :

If x 80% of y, then what percent of 2x is y ?

5 kg of tea and 8 kg of sugar together cost Rs. 172. The price of tea has risen by 20% and that of sugar by 10%. Hence the same quantities of tea and sugar now cost Rs. 199.20. What is the original price of tea per kg ?

The charges for a five-day trip by a tourist bus for one full ticket and a half-ticket are Rs. 1440 inclusive of boarding charges which are same for a full ticket and a half-ticket. The charges for the same trip for 2 full tickets and one half-ticket inclusive of boarding charges are Rs. 2220. The fare for a half-ticket is 75% of the full ticket. Find the fare and the boarding charges separately for one full ticket.

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