In a graduate class of 200, 40% are women and $$\frac{1}{5}$$ become lecturers. If the number of men who become lecturers is twice that of women, calculate approximate percentage of men who became lecturers.

Nagaraj could save 10% of his income. But 2 years later, when his income increased by 20%, he could save the same amount only as before. By how much percentage has his expenditure increased ?

6 c.c. of a 20% solution of alcohol in water is mixed with 4 c.c. of a 60% solution of alcohol in water. The alcoholic strength of the mixture is?

A housewife saved Rs. 2.50 in buying an item on sale. If she spent Rs. 25 for the item, approximately how much percent she saved in the transaction ?

If Rs. 2800 is $$\frac{2}{7}$$ percent of the value of a house, the worth of the house (in Rs.) is :

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