The population of a town is 8500. It increases by 20% in the first year and by another 25% in the second year. What would be the population of the town after 2 years ?

In a survey of a city, it was found that 90 percent of the people in the city own a refrigerator and 15 percent own a washing machine. If everybody owns at least one appliance, what percentage owns both ?

A and B are two fixed points 5 cm apart and C is a point on AB such that AC is 3 cm. If the length of AC is increased by 6%, the length of CB is decreased by :

In an examination, 34% of the students failed in Mathematics and 42% failed in English. If 20% of the students failed in both the subjects, then the percentage of students who passed in both the subjects was :

If x% of a is the same as y% of b, then z% of b is :

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