The price of a certain item is increased by 15%. If consumer wants to keeps his expenditure on the item same as before, how much percent must he reduce his consumption of that item ?

The difference between 38% of a number and 24% of the same number is Rs. 135.10. What is 40% of that number ?

Aman's expense is 30% more than Vimal's and Vimal's expense is 10% less than Raman's. If the sum of their expenses is Rs. 6447, then what would be Aman's expense ?

If A is 150 percent of B, then B is what percent of (A + B) ?

From the salary of an officer, 10% is deducted as house rent, 20% of the rest, he spends on conveyance, 20% of the rest he pays as income tax and 10% of the balance, he spends on clothes. Then, he is left with Rs. 15552. Find his total salary.

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