The population of a town is 4.2 × 106. If the population increases by 75 per 1000 per annum, then what will be the population after 2 years ?

A's marks in Biology are 20 less than 25% of the total marks obtained by him in Biology, Maths and Drawing. If his marks in Drawings be 50, what are his marks in Maths ?

If x = 63% of y, then y2 is approximately what percent of x2 ?

A number is first decreased by 10% and then increased by 10%. The number so obtained is 50 less than the original number. The original number is :

A city has a population of 300000 out of which 180000 are males. 50% of the population is literate. If 70% of the males are literate, then the percentage of female who are literate is :

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