There are 10 points in a plane out of which 4 are collinear. Find the number of triangles formed by the points as vertices.

In a party every person shakes hands with every other person. If there are 105 hands shakes, find the number of person in the party.

The number of positive integers which can be formed by using any number of digits from 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 without repetition.

In the next World cup of cricket there will be 12 teams, divided equally in two groups. Teams of each group will play a match against each other. From each group 3 top teams will qualify for the next round. In this round each team will play against each others once. Four top teams of this round will qualify for the semifinal round, where they play the best of three matches. The Minimum number of matches in the next World cup will be:

There are 10 person among whom two are brother. The total number of ways in which these persons can be seated around a round table so that exactly one person sit between the brothers , is equal to:

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