If letters of the work KUBER are written in all possible orders and arranged as in a dictionary, then the rank of the word KUBER will be:

A letter lock consists of 4 rings, each ring contains 9 non-zero digits. This lock can be opened by setting four digit code with the proper combination of each of the 4 rings. Maximum how many codes can be formed to open the lock ?

10 students are to be seated in two rows equally for the Mock test in a room. There are two sets of papers, Code A and Code B. each of two rows can have only one set of paper but different that from other row. In how many ways these students can be arranged ?

How many ways can 4 prizes be given away to 3 boys, if each boy is eligible for all the prizes?

Find the number of ways in which 8064 can be resolved as the product of two factors?

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