A man positioned at the origin of the coordinate system. the man can take steps of unit measure in the direction North, East, West or South. Find the number of ways of he can reach the point (5,6), covering the shortest possible distance.

There are 6 equally spaced points A, B, C, D, E and F marked on a circle with radius R. How many convex pentagons of distinctly different areas can be drawn using these points as vertices?

In an examination paper, there are two groups each containing 4 questions. A candidate is required to attempt 5 questions but not more than 3 questions from any group. In how many ways can 5 questions be selected?

After every get-together every person present shakes the hand of every other person. If there were 105 handshakes in all, how many persons were present in the party?

How many diagonals can be drawn in a pentagon?

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