There are five cards lying on the table in one row. Five numbers from among 1 to 100 have to be written on them, one number per card, such that the difference between the numbers on any two adjacent cards is not divisible by 4. The remainder when each of the 5 numbers is divided by 4 is written down on another card (the 6th card) in order. How many sequences can be written down on the 6th card?

From a total of six men and four ladies a committee of three is to be formed. If Mrs. X is not willing to join the committee in which Mr. Y is a member, whereas Mr.Y is willing to join the committee only if Mrs Z is included, how many such committee are possible?

Goldenrod and No Hope are in a horse race with 6 contestants. How many different arrangements of finishes are there if No Hope always finishes before Goldenrod and if all of the horses finish the race?

Jay wants to buy a total of 100 plants using exactly a sum of Rs. 1000. He can buy Rose plants at Rs. 20 per plant or marigold or Sun flower plants at Rs. 5 and Rs. 1 per plant respectively. If he has to buy at least one of each plant and cannot buy any other type of plants, then in how many distinct ways can Jay make his purchase?

How many words of 4 consonants and 3 vowels can be made from 12 consonants and 4 vowels, if all the letters are different?

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