Two trains start at the same time for two station A and B toward B and A respectively. If the distance between A and B is 220 km and their speeds are 50 km/hr and 60 km/hr respectively then after how much time will they meet each other?

A train 100 meter long meets a man going in opposite direction at 5 km/h and passes him in 71/5 seconds. What is the speed of the train (in km/hr)?

A train takes 9 sec to cross a pole. If the speed of the train is 48 kmph, then length of the train is?

Two trains start at the same time from A and B and proceed toward each other at the sped of 75 km/hr and 50 km/hr respectively. When both meet at a point in between, one train was found to have traveled 175 km more then the other. Find the distance between A and B?

Two trains 180 meters and 120 meters in length are running towards each other on parallel tracks, one at the rate 65 km/hr and another at 55 km/hr. In how many seconds will they be cross each other from the moment they meet?

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