Cost price of 12 oranges is equal to the selling price of 9 oranges and the discount on 10 oranges is equal to the profit on 5 oranges. What is the percentage point difference between the profit percentage and discount percentage?

Profit on selling 10 candles equals selling price of 3 bulbs. While loss on selling 10 bulbs equal selling price of 4 candles. Also profit percentage equals to the loss percentage and cost of a candle is half of the cost of a bulb. What is the ratio of selling price of candles to the selling price of a bulb?

An egg seller sells his eggs only in the packs of 3 eggs, 6 eggs, 9 eggs, 12 eggs etc., but the rate is not necessarily uniform. One day Raju (which is not the same egg seller) purchased at the rate of 3 eggs for a rupee and the next hour he purchased equal number of eggs at the rate of 6 eggs for a rupee. Next day he sold all the eggs at the rate of 9 eggs for Rs. 2. What is his percentage profit or loss?

Find the selling price of goods if two salesmen claim to make 25% profit each, one calculating it on cost price while another on the selling price, the difference in the profits earned being Rs. 100 and selling price being the same in both the cases?

A shopkeeper calculate percentage profit on the buying price and another on the selling price. What will be their difference in profits if both claim a profit of 20% on goods sold for Rs. 3000?

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