The price of an article reduces to 576 after two successive discounts. The markup is 80% above the cost price of Rs. 500. What is the new profit percentage if instead of two successive discounts the markup price was further increased successively two times by the same percentage?

A dishonest trader marks up his goods by 80% and gives discount of 25%. Besides he gets 20% more amount per kg from wholesaler and sells 10% less per kg to customer. What is the overall profit percentage?

The profit percentage on three articles A, B and C is 10%, 20%, and 25% and the ratio of the cost price is 1 : 2 : 4. Also the ratio of number of articles sold of A, B and C is 2 : 5 : 2, then overall profit percentage is:

The accountants of a company show sales of Rs. 12,600. The primary cost is 35% of sales and trading cost accounts for 25% of the gross profit. Gross profit is arrived at by excluding the primary cost plus the cost of advertising expenses of Rs. 1400, director's salary of Rs. 650 per annum plus 2% annual sales as miscellaneous costs. Find the percentage profit (approx) on a capital investment of Rs. 14,000?

A dishonest shopkeeper, at the time of selling and purchasing, weighs 10% less and 20% more per kilogram respectively. Find the percentage profit earned by treachery. (Assuming he sells at Cost Price)

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