The common difference of an A.P., the sum of whose n terms is Sn, is

Two A.P.’s have the same common difference. The first term of one of these is 8 and that of the other is 3. The difference between their 30th terms is

If the nth term of an A.P. is 2n + 1, then the sum of first n terms of the A.P. is

The common difference of the A.P. $$\frac{1}{{2b}},$$ $$\frac{{1 - 6b}}{{2b}},$$  $$\frac{{1 - 12b}}{{2b}},$$   . . . . . is

If the sum of n terms of an A.P. be 3n2 + n and its common difference is 6, then its first term is

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