During agitation of liquids, the

Filter aids like asbestos, kieselguhr, diatomaceous earth etc. are used to increase the porosity of the final filter cake & reducing the cake resistance during filtration. Filter aid is

According to Bond crushing law, the work required to form particle of size 'D' from very large feed is (where $${\left( {\frac{{\text{S}}}{{\text{V}}}} \right)_{\text{p}}}$$ and $${\left( {\frac{{\text{S}}}{{\text{V}}}} \right)_{\text{f}}}$$ are surface to volume ratio of the product and feed respectively).

For Indian standard (IS) screens, the mesh number is equal to its aperture size expressed to the nearest deca-micron (0.01 mm). Aperture width of IS screen of mesh number 50 will be approximately __________ microns.

Theoretical capacity of crushing rolls in tons/hr is given by (where, V = peripherial velocity, m/sec. W = width of rolls, m. Dr = distance between rolls, ρ = density of material to be crushed, kg/m3. here V = πN.D, where N = speed of the rolls in rotation per second (rps) D = diameter of rolls, m)

Pick out the wrong statement pertaining to the roll crushers.

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