Vapour actuated pressure spring thermometer does not require ambient temperature compensation. Ambient temperature compensation is provided in gas or liquid expansion pressure spring thermometer by

Temperature of __________ can not be measured by an optical or radiation pyrometer.

The characteristic equation for the control system with a closed loop transfer function $$\frac{{{{\text{G}}_1}}}{{1 + {{\text{G}}_2}}}$$  is given by $$1 + {{\text{G}}_2} = 0$$   The characteristic equation for the control system

Working principle of mercury in glass thermometer is based on volumetric expansion of mercury with increase in temperature. Which of the following undergoes minimum volumetric expansion for a given temperature change?

Temperature control of an exothermic chemical reaction taking place in a CSTR is done with the help of cooling water flowing in a jacket around the reactor. The types of valve and controller action to be recommended are

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