Under Hire Purchase System, the interest for each period is computed on

Which of the following is an implicit cost of increasing proportion of debt of a company?

Net credit sales of business was Rs. 1,75,000. Debtors Turnover ratio is 8 times. Closing debtors were in excess of opening debtors by Rs. 7,000. Opening debtors will be

Dual aspect concept results in the following accounting equation

Posting of a transaction means - That transaction is

X and Y made a profit of Rs. 5,000 and invested Rs. 25,000 as capital in the firm. The expected average rate of return on capital is 15%. If it is valued at three year purchase then amount of goodwill will be

Grouping of similar items and transferring those to the respective accounts is known as:

Which of the following transactions involving the issuance of shares does not come within the definition of a 'share based payment' under Ind AS-102?