Income accrued and received' results in-

For equity-settled share-based payment transactions, the entity shall measure the goods or services received and the corresponding increase in equity, directly at the . . . . . . . . of the goods or services received, unless that it cannot be estimated reliably

In settling the accounts of a firm after dissolution losses including deficiencies of capital, shall be paid in which sequence?
1. By the partners individually in profit sharing ratio.
2. Out of profit.
3. Out of capital.
Select the correct answer:

Which of the following statements is true in connection with Receipt and Payment A/c.

Gross Profit Ratio is calculated by

Securities premium reserve account is shown on the liabilities side in the balance sheet under the heading

The written down value of a plant is Rs. 60,000 (the original value being Rs. 1,00,000). It is sold for Rs. 1,20,000 during the current financial year. Which of the following is true in this regard?

Which of the following equation is correct?