A and B are partner in partnership firm. They admitted C for $${\frac{1}{4}^{{\text{th}}}}$$ share in profit. New profit sharing ratio between A, B and C is

For what, a company may utilise the securities premium amount?

With the help of following information calculate provisions for bad and doubtful debts
Debtors M: Rs. 3,200 Bad to be written off
Debtors N: Rs. 8,000 expeected to realise only 70%
Debtors O: Rs. 6,000 expected to realise only 60%
Debtors P: Rs. 4,000 financial condition very poor, no recovery is likely

Arrange the following liabilities in the order of company's balance sheet.
1. Bank Overdraft
2. Bank Loan
3. Share Capital
4. Provision for Taxation

X and Y are partners in a firm having capital balances Rs. 1,08,000 and Rs. 72,000, respectively. They admit Z into a partnership for $${\frac{1}{3}^{{\text{rd}}}}$$ share, and Z brings proportion ate amount of capital. The capital amount of Z is