Total Assets: Rs. 8,00,000
Current Liabilities: Rs. 2,00,000
No. of shares: Rs. 40,000
Face value per share: Rs. 10
Value per share will be:

With reference to Provisions and Reserve, which of the following statement is/are correct?
1. Provision is a charge to profit and loss account
2. Reserve is created for a specific loss
Select the correct answer:

Which of the following factors generally contribute to the value of goodwill of a firm?

Fixed cost Rs. 12,00,000 (including depreciation Rs. 80,000);
Selling price per units Rs. 1,200;
Variable cost per unit Rs. 900;
Loan Installment Rs. 2,00,000.
Cash Break Even Point will be

Share warrants to bearers can be issued against:

This is a debenture for which the company does not keeps any records and which can be transferred without any formal notice the debenture is-

Assertion (A) Premium received on issue of shares is credited to share premium account, but not to profit and loss account.
Reason (R) Since, share premium is not a trading profit, it is not distributed to shareholders.