If an actual manufacturing overhead costs is $485000 and actual total quantity of cost allocation base is 4500 labour hours, then overhead rate would be

An allocation approach, in which all overhead entries are restated using actual cost rates in place of budgeted rates is called

Procedure of assigning direct cost to any cost abject is classified as

In an accounting system, document which supports journal entries is classified as

If budgeted indirect cost base is $115 and budgeted cost allocation base is $830 per hour, then annual indirect cost (budgeted) will be

If budgeted annual manufacturing indirect cost is $2250000 and cost allocation base is 2800 labour hour, then budgeted manufacturing overhead rate will be

In a normal accounting period, allocated amount of indirect cost is $2000 and actual amount is $2200, then this is classified as

Spread of over allocated overhead and under allocated overhead among work in process, finished goods and goods sold cost is classified as