The demand curve for a commodity is generally drawn on the assumption that

The total transaction of various goods and services by a country in a span of one year from different countries of the world is called:

The larger the co-efficient of price elasticity of demand for a product, the

A change in the supply of a commodity along with same supply curve may occur due to

Match the following.
List-I List-II
a. Increase in demand 1. Leftward shift of the demand curve
b. Extension of demand 2. Upward shift of the demand curve
c. Decrease in demand 3. Upward movement on the demand curve
d. Contraction of demand 4. Downward movement on the demand curve

The following are the steps in designing the market driven distribution:
1. Know what customers want
2. Determine the costs
3. Review assumptions
4. Decide on the outlet
5. Compare alternatives
6. Implement changes
Select the right sequence of the steps: