Statement : The Indian electronic component industry venturing into the West European markets faces tough competition from the Japanese.

Courses of Action :
I. India should search for other international markets for its products.
II. India should improve the quality of the electronic components to compete with the Japanese in capturing these markets.

Statement : Orissa and Andhra Pradesh have agreed in principle to set up a joint control board for better control, management and productivity of several inter-state multipurpose projects.

Courses of Action :
I. Other neighbouring states should set up such control boards.
II. The proposed control board should not be allowed to function as such joint boards are always ineffective.

Statement : The Government has decided not to provide financial support to voluntary organisations from next Five Year Plan and has communicated that all such organisations should raise funds to meet their financial needs.

Courses of Action :
I. Voluntary organisations should collaborate with foreign agencies.
II. They should explore other sources of financial support.

Statement : The availability of imported fruits has increased in the indigenous market and so the demand for indigenous fruits has been decreased.

Courses of Action :
I. To help the indigenous producers of fruits, the Government should impose high import duty on these fruits, even if these are not of good quality.
II. The fruit vendors should stop selling imported fruits. So that the demand for indigenous fruits would be increased.

Statement : There has been an unprecedented increase in the number of successful candidates in this year's School Leaving Certificate Examination.

Courses of Action :
I. The government should make arrangements to increase number of seats of intermediate courses in existing colleges.
II. The government should take active steps to open new colleges to accommodate all these successful candidates.

Statement : On an average, about twenty people are run over by trains and die every day while crossing the railway tracks through the level crossing.

Courses of Action :
I. The railway authorities should be instructed to close all the level crossings.
II. Those who are found crossing the tracks, when the gates are closed, should be fined heavily.

Statement : Majority of the students in many schools do not pass in the final examination.

Courses of Action :
I. These schools should be closed down as these have become unproductive.
II. The teachers of these schools should immediately be retrenched.

Statement : In spite of the Principal's repeated warnings, a child was caught exploding crackers secretly in the school.

Courses of Action :
I. All the crackers should be taken away from the child and he should be threatened not to do it again.
II. The child should be severely punished for his wrong act.

Statement : It is necessary to adopt suitable measures to prevent repetition of bad debts by learning from the past experiences of mounting non-performing assets of banks.

Courses of Action :
I. Before granting loan to customers their eligibility for loan should be evaluated strictly.
II. To ensure the payment of instalments of loan, the work, for which loan was granted, should be supervised minutely on regular basis.

Statement : A very large number of students have failed in the final high school examination due to faulty questions in one of the subjects.

Courses of Action :
I. All the students who have failed in the subject should be allowed to take supplementary examination.
II. All those who are responsible for the error should be suspended and an enquiry should be initiated to find out the facts.

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