Statement : Youngsters are often found staring at obscene posters.

Courses of Action :
I. Children should be punished and penalized if they are found doing so.
II. Any display of such material should be banned.

Statement : One of the problems facing the food processing industry is the irregular supply of raw material. The producers of raw material are not getting a reasonable price.

Courses of Action :
I. The government should regulate the supply of raw material to other industries also.
II. The government should announce an attractive package to ensure regular supply of raw material for food processing industry.

Statement : The Committee has criticized the Institute for its failure to implement a dozen of regular programmes despite an increase in the staff strength and not drawing up a firm action plan for studies and research.

Courses of Action :
I. The broad objectives of the Institute should be redefined to implement a practical action plan.
II. The Institute should give a report on reasons for not having implemented the planned programmes.

Statement : India has been continuously experiencing military threats from its neighbouring countries.

Courses of Action :
I. India should engage into an all out war to stop the nagging threats.
II. India should get the neighbours into a serious dialogue to reduce the tension at its borders.

Statement : As many as ten coaches of a passenger train have derailed and blocked both pairs of the railway tracks.

Courses of Action :
I. The railway authorities should immediately send men and equipment to the spot to clear the railway tracks.
II. All the trains running in both the directions should be diverted to other routes.

Statement : There has been a significant drop in the water level of all the lakes supplying water to the city.

Courses of Action :
I. The water supply authority should impose a partial cut in supply to tackle the situation.
II. The government should appeal to all the residents through mass media for minimal use of water.

Statement : The police department has come under a cloud with recent revelations that at least two senior police officials are suspected to have been involved in the illegal sale of a large quantity of weapons from the state police armoury.

Courses of Action :
I. A thorough investigation should be ordered by the State Government to bring out all those who are involved into the illegal sale of arms.
II. State police armoury should be kept under Central Government's control.

Statement : Financial stringency prevented the State Government from paying salaries to its employees since April this year.

Courses of Action :
I. The State Government should immediately curtail the staff strength at least by 30%.
II. The State Government should reduce wasteful expenditure and arrange to pay the salaries of its employees.

Statement : The cinema halls are incurring heavy losses these days as people prefer to watch movies in home on TV than to visit cinema halls.

Courses of Action :
I. The cinema halls should be demolished and residential multi-storey buildings should be constructed there.
II. The cinema halls should be converted into shopping malls.

Statement : Duty free technology parks where foreign firms can manufacture electronic hardware components are proposed to be established at various places in the country.

Courses of Action :
I. Government should immediately implement the proposal to augment the foreign currency reserve by exporting the products.
II. Government should not implement the proposal as it will hinder indigenous production of hardware components.

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