You are the administrator of a network that consists of a single Windows NT 4.0 domain. The network contains five Windows NT Server domain controllers and 1,000 Windows NT Workstation client computers. You want to install Windows 2000 Server on a new computer. You want the new computer to act as a domain controller in the existing domain. What should you do?

You are installing Windows 2000 Server on a multiprocessor computer. The manufacturer has provided a customized HAL to use with the computer. The HAL is on the floppy disk. You want to install the customized HAL design for the computer. What should you do?

A Windows 2000 Server computer named server2 runs numerous 32bit applications and two 16bit applications. Users start the 16bit applications by running APP1.EXE for one application and APP2.EXE for another application. The 16bit applications are configured to run in the separate memory space. You want to create a performance base like chart in the system monitor for all the applications on server2. You add all of 32bit applications and now you want to add two 16bit applications. What should you do?

Your Windows 2000 Server computer includes an integrated 10-MB Ethernet adapter. You are replacing the integrated adapter with a new 100-MB Ethernet adapter. You install the new adapter in an available PCI slot. When you restart the computer, you receive error messages in the System log stating that the new adapter Is missing or is not working. What should you do to resolve the problem?

Your Windows 2000 server Computer contains data files that users of client computers access throughout the day. You install a driver for the new tape drive on the computer. After restarting the computer you log on as an administrator, shortly after you log on you receive the following stop error "irql_not_less_6r_equal". You need to bring the server back on line as quickly and reliably as possible. What should you do?