Continuous Pattern Series

Continuous Pattern Series:

It generally consists of a series of small letters of English alphabets which follows a certain pattern. However, some letters are missing from the series. The candidates are required to find the missing letter.

Examples :

1. aab _aaa _ bba _

(a) baa
(b) abb
(c) bab
(d) bbb

Explanations :

The given series is :

aab baaa a bba a

1. First space is filled by b, which make two a's followed by two b's.
2. Second space is filled by a, so we get four a's followed by two b's.
3. Third space is filled by a to make a series of pattern two a's followed by two b's and then four a's which is followed by two b's and two a's.

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Comments ( 2 )

  1. pk_k K
    8 years ago
    logic is not clear..can u tell me in any easy way..
  2. ashish sinha
    5 years ago
    Unclear logic what you trying to say