Raja Rammohan Roy and Brahma Samaj which of the following statements regarding Raja Rammohan Roy are correct?
I. Considered as father of Indian renaissance
II. Started Brahmo Samaj
III. Set up Atmiya Sabha in Calcutta
IV. Translated Vedas and five Upanishads to Bengali language

Sri Narayana Guru Swamy initiated a programme of action called Sri Narayana Guru Dharma Paripalana yogam which took up issues regarding depressed classes, contains which of the issues?
I. Encouraging inter caste marriages
II. Right of admission to public schools
III. Recruitment to government schools
IV. Access to temples and roads

Who is the author of the book "The First Indian War of Independence- 1857-59"?

Concerning the caste system, __________said the following to Narayana Guru: "The casteHindus and the low caste-Hindus are both the sons of Hinduism. The caste-Hindu is the elder brother who shoulders responsibility, and he therefore exercises certain privileges. The low casteHindu is his younger brother who is to be cared for. If the elder brother turns out to be somewhat rough and aggressive that should not make the younger brother a runaway from his mother Hinduism."

Paramahamsa Mandali primarily aimed at breaking caste rules was founded in which of the following places

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