What the term 'Bhakti' refers to?

Which of the following causes Bhakti Movement in India?

Which Bhakti Saint propounded Suddhadvaita Vedanta (Pure non-dualism) and philosophy called Pustimarga (the path of grace)?

Sankardeva was a great bhakti saint of

Which of the following aspects of Bhakti Movement was common with Sufism?

Which of the following statement (s) is/are correct related to the social impact of Bhakti Movement in Indian Society.
I. The Bhakti movement was a devotional transformation of medieval Hindu society, wherein Vedic rituals or alternatively ascetic monk-like lifestyle for moksha gave way to individualistic loving relationship with a personally defined god.
II. Bhakti movement provided women and members of the Shudra and untouchable communities an inclusive path to spiritual salvation.

Who among the following Bhakti Saint created Vinaya-Patrika and Kavitavali?

Who among the following Bhakti Saints blended that the philosophical monist of the past with stress on Bhakti, the poetry and dignity of Valmiki's Ramayana with the devotional fervour and humanism of Bhagvata?

Which of the following dynasties under the Saivaite Nayanmars and Vashnavaite Alwars preached the Bhakti cult?

Name the famous Sufi saint whose mausoleum was erected at Fatehpur Sikri.

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