Which of the following is not a sufficient cause for granting adjournment?

Which one of the following is not suit of Civil Nature?

A court to which decree has been transferred for execution cannot, while executing?

In reference of District Court, which one of the following statements is not correct?

Match the following and select correct answer:
List I List II
a. Suits by or against partnership firms 1. Order 32, Code of Civil Procedure
b. Suits by or against minors 2. Order 30, Code of Civil Procedure
c. Suits by indigent persons 3. Order 34, Code of Civil Procedure
d. Mortgage Suits 4. Order 33, Code of Civil Procedure

Modes of execution of a decree have been stated in

In order that section 144 of the Code of Civil Procedure, would be applicable, which of the following conditions must be satisfied?

Civil Procedure Code: The provisron in respect of summary procedure has been laid down under

Under Order XX, Rule 5 of Code of Civil Procedure, the court shall state its finding or decision

Decree holder' means any person in whose favour a decree has been passed or an order capable of execution has been made. This definition of the term 'decree holder' is mentioned under: