A 'next friend' or guardian, under Order XXXII, Rule 7 of Code of Civil Procedure

If the court refers parties to the suit for settlement of dispute under Section 89 of the Civil Procedure Code, the plaintiff is:

Legal provision for restoring to a party on the modification, variation or reversal of a decree what has been, lost to him in execution of decree or in direct consequence of decree is

In which of the following are provisions relating to Injunction mentioned?

An ex parte decree passed by Court 'A' was transferred to Court 'B' for execution and which execution proceedings are pending in Court 'B'. Court 'A' aside the ex parte decree and on re-hearing, a fresh decree was passed on the same terms.

When a suit is dismissed under Order IX, Rule 2 or under Order IX, Rule 3 of Code of Civil Procedure, a fresh suit under Order IX, Rule 4 of Code of Civil Procedure, the same cause of action is