Affidavits to be filed in a Court can be

Which provision deals with determination of questions relating to discharge, satisfaction etc. of the decree?

Any party to the suit, for the purposes of the suit only, under Order XII, Rule 4 of Code of Civil Procedure

The words 'any director' in Order 29, Rule 3 means:

Summons to the defendant under Order V, Rule 9(1) of Code of Civil Procedure, can be delivered for the purposes of serving the same on the defendant, to a courier services as

Code of Civil Procedure: The judgment of the First Appellate Court shall be in writing and shall state

If suit filed for injunction restrains from interfering with peaceful possession of property and amendment sought at the stage of cross-examination is contradictory with original pleadings, it would nullify advantage already accrued to plaintiff and prayer for amendment of written statement . . . . . . . .

The period of limitation for filing revision petition to the High Court under section 115 of the Code of Civil Procedure is