Section 14 of the Hindu Succession Act 1956, has no application

If a Mitakshara coparcener is given away in adoption, his interest in the joint family property shall

Under the provlslons of Hindu Succession Act, 1956, any property inherited by a female Hindu from her father or mother shall devolve, in absence of any son or daughter of the deceased (including the children of any pre-deceased son of daughter):

Prior to the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005 coming into force, who amongst the following was not Class I heir or male Hindu dying intestate:

Punishment for violation of condition as to age as provided under Section 5(iii) of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1956, has been provided under which of the following section of the Hindu Marriage Act, 1956?

Under section 25 of Hindu Adoptions and Maintenance Act, the amount of maintenance once fixed

In which of the following cases, the marriage can be annulled